'' I have dealt with a number of artists for various projects related my
Heaven’s Wars book series and Ronald Calica was very professional and
produced excellent work. From the start Mr. Calica took notes on
everything I had to say about the image I wanted. I gave him information
about the characters and background as well as what was happening at the
point in the story. He used every bit of information to make the image
have even more life to it. I requested that he make one character in the
image stand out more than the other and he succeeded with ease. Mr.
Calica set up a deadline with me and met it on time. I have found that in
the business of creativity, it is difficult to find people who are both
timely and produce excellent work. Mr. Calica does both of these things
with amazing communication along the way. He consistently sent me emails
with updates and took the constructive feedback I gave him and applied it
to the piece. I give Mr. Calica my highest recommendation to anyone who
is seeking a skilled, talented and professional artist.''

Tim Wahl
Creator and Author of the Heaven’s Wars series

'' Ronald is an extremely talented artist. I have attended the Art Institute of 
California-San Diego with Ronald for the past three years. I have been in many classes with him, and in every single one he puts in an immense amount of effort to produce amazing work. He is very capable in many different talents and he is very dedicated in anything he chooses 
to work on. '' 

Sabrina Sullivan
Animator at Sony Computer Entertainment America

" I worked with Ron on a couple of projects, including a proposed TV series episode. He was a great team player and always contributed more to the projects than he was asked to do. His projects were of suburb quality and delivered on time. I would be glad to work with Ron again."

Eric Van Hamersveld
Senior Animation Instructor at University of California San Diego 

" Ronald is a talented and passionate artist. He has a strong positive attitude which motivates others, and always does his best in all his work.''

Diordan Paraoan
2D Particle Effects Animator of Smilu, Inc.

'' Ronald is one of the most talented background painters that I have ever met. His ability to create photorealistic backgrounds with both ease and efficiency has made him someone who I have truly looked to for inspiration. His work in Maya has never stopped to astound me, and he is always willing to lend a helping hand. From my first year at Ai, I have learned so much from him and could not thank him enough.''

Roberta Tam
Artist at 1st Playable Productions